One More Day

The mountains are topped with clouds this morning
giving the feeling of a low ceiling, of being trapped
beneath the sky, a prisoner for the time being. No
doubt the sun will gradually beam and burst this
darkly bubble for it is still summer and children
need a few more days to lie fallow before pouring
themselves back into the mold of desks and codes.
My children will rise in an hour or so and ask me
if we’re doing anything today and I will say no
and their eyes will revel with delight for I, the
god of their world, have graciously pardoned
them to bask in the tedious agony one more day.
A little wine is good for the flesh and such is true.
I further declare a little sloth is good for the spirit.

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  1. Laura on August 24, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    AMEN! Love this one, your images are so wonderful. Your words help to capture moments and I thank you for them.

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