Black Friday

There is a moment in a man’s life when he knows exactly who he is.
Until that time arrives he lives in masculine’s purgatory,
a landscape of purification where the l and e are burned away
so as to allow room for the n to grow, to take their place.
Then, in the fulness of time, he blooms to live in the state that
grace intended, no longer male but man, respectful of the old ways,
able to cherish his father’s voice, readied to go and sin boldly.

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  1. Mary Shaver on November 24, 2012 at 3:40 am

    Leaves me speechless – which is really saying something! Thank you – again – and – again. Was it Augustine or Marin Luther who spoke of sinning boldly? I can’t remember . . . I didn’t understand it when I first read it (Augustine or Martin Luther), but as I grow older – I do.

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