The Common Good

Need a little Friday pick-me-up? Something to ground you before jumping off into St. Patty’s weekend? Let me introduce you to another poet working toward the common good.

David “Davey” Robert Jones is an East Coast writer relocated to Fresno, California. His poetry boasts the stamp of numerous teachers, including Akhmatova and Milosz, Keats and Yeats, and Rilke and Paz—to name a few. Neruda’s style influences his poetry more pervasively than others. Like Neruda—or because of him, perhaps—Davey often describes love like a vivid topography. Besides poetry, he writes short stories and novels. His first publication, A Manual on the Human Condition, is currently available. His next publication, Merika, Love Poems is scheduled to release this year. For more information and additional samples of his work, visit

Davey, I’m grateful for your willingness to be a part of this collection of voices. Thank you!

An Ancient World

An ancient world moves
inside of you,
rocks me seasonal,
spins me solstice.
The heft of your sigh
             beside me,
                         before me,
                                     within me;
my melody pulse measured in
your wind-song symphony;
your lips’ purse like
tectonic cataclysm poised
to wreck-erode my hold
of who I think you might be.
My only truth is,
my only certainty rests in,
your eternal mystery.
And just as your magma cools to form me into
cascading granite mountain ranges,
as I imagine you will fade into the obscurity of midnight dark,
your light pours over me,
a tide-summoning, lunar force:
I realize that you are, too,
in the strength of the incandescent,
moon-rock orb above me.

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  1. Hannah Zhang on March 15, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    I very much enjoy the new heading image, John.

  2. […] John Blase has all the trademarks of a great poet: vast life experience, an uncanny sense of how to describe the human condition, and a huge assortment of phenomenal poetry. So it comes as a great honor that he’s deigned to feature today a poem by yours truly on his own blog, The Beautiful Due. This month, Blase endeavors to introduce his readers to a ”diverse group of people all committed to the furtherance of poetry” in a blog series entitled The Common Good.  You can find out more about Blase and his fantastic poetry, as well as read “An Ancient World,” here. […]

  3. Hannah Zhang on March 15, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    when i am arthritic and quiet and full of unused wisdom
    maybe then my hand will write as clean and bright,
    without the shame of inexperience or the fright
    of obscurity, and for a change of wardrobe, welcome criticism.

  4. Christie on March 16, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    I love this one for many reasons not least for it’s shape (its geography) on the “page.”

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