As We Drove Back Home

As we drove back home from the Rock House
the day was ending and the small town where
we live hummed quietly. In the backseat my little
girl finished her ice cream cone and talked with her
mother about a movie they both can’t wait to see.
As they spoke I drove slower than the limit, tucking
the scenes in my mind – the fire station’s faithful
watch, the meadow where the quarter horses play,
the geraniums in front of the Presbyterian church,
the lights of the prosperous east side, and the geese.
I wondered if my daughter will return some day to
gain an older sense of this place where she became,
if she might buy a cone for her little girl, then drive
around slow showing her the pieces of our dream.

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  1. christinebiddy on September 5, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    Wait, the Rock House ice cream shop? Are you in Palmer Lake, CO?

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