The Olympic Poems (1)

He remembers a book advertised once 
– What We Think About When We Run –
but he already knows his thoughts
and his library shelves are fat
so he decided to save his meager funds.
Last night he went out for a quick run
to blow off the stink, as they say (who is they?).
He reasoned if he didn’t think too much
when running but simply ran he could
make good time and get back to see
that Phelps stroke for more gold.
He made it, and so did that Phelps.
And so did that Ledecky, God bless her. She sang
along to the National Anthem as the stripes
and stars rose, and he got teary thinking about
how beautiful she and that song are.
He wished he felt such American pride when our
presidential candidates take to the podium
but he doesn’t. But he wished he did.
He stayed up too late watching those high-flyer
gymnasts who are clearly part girl part bird.
But feeling that burn of pride in his chest
is worth a slower-paced Monday morning for
he’ll be able to compete in today’s talk.
He’ll be able to add Oh say, did you see?

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