The Olympic Poems (2)

Its surprising how fast the old cold fear reared its head.
We insist we’ve progressed yet what American
can resist a good old fashioned Us vs. Russia story?
King was Balboa, trained country-clean her pure
heart pumping nothing but red, white and bluest.
Efimova was Drago, clearly having stolen fire from
the gods to evolve even more diviner.
The battle ended the way we wanted it to, the way
I wanted it to, cinematic-Americanly ever after.
But let us not forget that earlier moment when we
the audience booed Efimova. We booed her.
Shame on us. We are stern against grace until we need it.
And there above it all, above us all – Christ the Redeemer.
Its chilling how fast the old cold fear rears its head.

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  1. thereforeencourage on August 9, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    “We are stern against grace until we need it.” On my knees after those words– busted and thank you.

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