Trying To See

She said We can’t see you until March 17th.

I said Okay (sensing resistance to be futile),

I’ll just look through the bottoms until then

(meaning the bottoms of my bifocaled lens).

I said The only hitch is that it gives people

the impression I’m looking down on them.

She said Aw, most people are thinking about

themselves so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Her voice was southern-sultry, plus it was

clear she was organized in addition to being

rather wise to humanity’s nearsightedness.

She was kryptonite through a phone line.

I said Alright then. Put me down for the 17th.

So until then if by some miracle you’re not

thinking about yourself you might perceive

me to be looking down my nose at you but

I’m really not I’m simply trying to see you.

I know I shouldn’t worry about this, but I do.

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